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10 Safety Tips for your DIY Roof Projects

Not all projects on your roof require a professional. As you work to maintain and inspect the roof of your home in Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Port Orchard, we recommend you keep the following safety tips in mind before you head out for your next roof DIY.

1. Check the Weather. Washington weather is known for rain, and you don’t want to be on your roof on a rainy day. Pick a clear day, when it’s not too warm.

2. Ladder Safety. One of the biggest safety tips we can offer is that you need to know your way around a ladder. It’s base needs to be on a flat surface, and if you can get a buddy to help steady the ladder and you make your way up and down.

3. Pick the Right Shoes. Roof work is not time to wear your new pair of flip flops. We recommend a sturdy shoe or work boot with plenty of traction to help ensure you can navigate easily.

4. Call a Friend. It’s always best practice to let someone know you’re going to work on the roof. If you live with someone, this is simple enough. Luckily, we live in an age where our cell phones go with us wherever we go, so a phone call to a spouse who’s at work to let them know your plan is a good and safe choice.

5. Consider a Harness. If your home is newer, it likely has clips to accommodate a roof harness. If not, getting one is still a good idea. Contractors (the professionals) wear these each and every day, and it absolutely helps to prevent a catastrophic fall.

6. Run a Clean Jobsite. A clean worksite is a safe worksite. If you have a big job that entails you to remove materials or debris, make sure you have laid a tarp down to catch most of the material. It will make it much easier to clean up.

7. Educate yourself. If this is the first time you’re doing moss removal or cleaning your gutters, do yourself a favor and do a bit of research first. Get the right moss treatment and gather the right tools to do the job.

8. Prepare. Getting up and down your ladder is not something you want to do too many times. We recommend you gather your supplies and have them all readily available, ideally at the base of the ladder, or nearby in the garage.

9. Tool Safety. Hammers, nail guns and knives are powerful tools. Be sure you have the right tool for the job, and eye protection.

10. Electricity. This isn’t the first thought when you go up on your roof, but powerlines are prevalent. Electricity is powerful and can leap from a wire to a metal ladder with ease, so be aware of where the powerlines are as it relates to your roof and the work you need to do.

Cleaning and maintaining your roof can be done safely and with little trouble, especially if you are safe. But as always, if this seems too much, please give us a call. We are ready to help you tackle your next project,

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