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5 Reasons you Need to Inspect and Maintain your Roof

Roof maintenance and inspections are the easiest way to improve the longevity of the roof on your home in Gig Harbor, Tacoma, or throughout Kitsap County. Routine inspections help you keep tabs on your roof’s wear and tear, and frequent maintenance prevents small problems from becoming larger ones.

We do understand that accessing your roof might not always be possible, and if you ever fell like you need a professional, please give us a call.

Here are five reasons why you should inspect and maintain your roof. And if you need a checklist to help you get started, click here.

1. Keep Track of Wear and Tear

Any roof will weather and age, and as they age leaks and other damage should be expected. But when you keep track of your roof’s wear and tear, you will be able to monitor any changes. These changes include missing or worn shingles, gutter issues, or flashing that needs to be repaired. Regular inspections help highlight the weathered or worn areas that need to be addressed.

2. Stop the Damage Before It Starts

A leak is not usually the first sign of damage. Leaks are usually an indication that something needs to be addressed right away. They also can point to structural damage. By hiring a professional inspector, they will be able to point out sections of roof that are troublesome, or they will be able to pinpoint areas that should be addressed now before the damage is too great.

3. Warranty Repairs

Roofs leak for a variety of reasons, and some might be covered under your warranty. Having a professional complete the inspection will help you better understand whether or not you should file a claim under the warranty.

4. Storm Damage

Windstorms are common in the Pacific Northwest, and you should always inspect the roof after a storm to check for debris on your roof, and for any damage that may have occurred. After a storm, you should also take the time to check your gutters to make sure they aren’t full.

5. Needed Improvements

Regular inspections help you better understand the necessary improvements that should be made to help get the most life out of your roof.

Your home is a substantial investment, and roof maintenance is crucial to help keep the weather outside. If you notice any signs of damage and need some help contact us today! We provide complimentary roof inspections and consultations and look forward to helping you maintain your roof

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