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After a Storm – Roof Tips to Keep you Dry

Wind, rain, snow – we have it all here in Gig Harbor and on the Kitsap Peninsula, and when it comes to your roof, stormy weather can leave you in need of roof repairs.

Before you take a look at your roof, we would like to stress how important it is to be safe. If there are downed powerlines, flooding or other hazards, your roof can wait. And even after the coast is clear, be mindful of that your roof will likely be slick, so take all precautions necessary.

After a storm, we recommend you check the following to make sure you keep the weather outside. Here’s what storm damage can look like on your roof in Gig Harbor, Port Orchard or Tacoma.

Water Damage

Water damage is easily found once it gets into your house and starts to create stains on your walls and ceilings. If you aren’t seeing these, check your attic to see if any leaks have started. You will likely see stains or moisture build up around the leak.

There are other signs of water damage that are easier to detect visually. We recommend you check your gutters to make sure they are redirecting water properly. If water is pooling in the gutters, this can cause damage to your roof. Water damage is also likely if you have moisture buildup, or fog, between the glass panes of your windows.

Wind Damage

Over time, strong winds can create stress points on the roof and weaken your shingles or flashing. The most common sign of wind damage is missing shingles. It is important you replace any missing shingles as soon as it’s safe to do so. This prevents any additional moisture causing further damage.

Windstorms can also cause debris to be blown onto or across your roof. This can rip off shingles, clog your gutters, or cause a build up of debris that will trap water. Once it’s safe, clear off any debris and do a visual inspection of your roof and gutters.

If you suspect you have damage to your roof after a storm, give us a call. Our owner, Jim, personally meets with every new client to provide a free inspection and consultation.

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