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Five Problems with Cedar Shake Roofs

There are many homes in Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, and Tacoma that feature a beautiful cedar shake roof.

They are one of the oldest roofing materials and offer plenty of benefits, but it also has drawbacks. Let’s talk about five of the most common issues with cedar shake roofs.

Moss and Mildew

Moss and mildew are a common sight on Pacific Northwest roofs, but they can both be especially problematic on cedar shake roofs when left untreated.

The problem with moss on cedar shake roofs is that the moss grows between the wood shakes. If left untreated, this overgrowth will lift the wood shingles and leave your roof deck exposed to the elements.


Even though modern shakes are chemically treated to resist rot, years under the sun can dry out the chemicals. And with all the rain in our area, the shakes soak in rainwater and eventually rot, compromising your home.

Curling Shingles

Natural stress in the shakes comes from cutting the wood, and over time the shakes curl. Couple that with a few years in the sun and the wood shakes begin to dry out causing the wood to curl. This too can leave the decking exposed and vulnerable to leaks.

Fire Hazard

While most modern shakes are treated with a fire-retardant chemical, this eventually wears out, which means it’s especially important that you have your roof treated and properly maintained. Your home becomes susceptible to wind-driven sparks from a neighboring fire.

Maintenance and Expense

With that, maintenance, and its expense is of vital importance. You will want to keep your roof clear of all debris and ensure it's treated properly. If you are unable to do this yourself, it could become costly.

Cedar shake roofs are a beautiful addition to any home, but we always want our customers to understand their options.

If you’re ready to get a new roof and want to talk through your choices, give us a call.

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