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Roofing Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Maintaining the roof on your home in Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, or Tacoma is something you should do at least twice a year. But what tools do you need to get the job done? Let’s talk about the 10 we recommend you have available.

1. Ladder

We start our list with one of the most obvious, yet necessary tools – a ladder. After all, you can’t access your roof without it. The height of your home will determine the specific ladder you need.

2. Tarp

Tarps are a must when clearing your roof of moss, cleaning out your gutters, or covering a leak. In general, get a tarp that is large enough to be of use as you clear debris, but it also needs to be easily maneuvered.

If you need a tarp to cover a leak in your roof, it should be long enough to extend at least four feet across the problem area and up to the peak of your roof.

3. Measuring Tape

Measuring tapes help take the guesswork out of measurements. A 12- or 25-foot measuring tape will work just fine in a residential setting.

4. Roof Sealant or Caulk

Caulk is vital for any roof maintenance. As you inspect your roof’s flashing, you might find areas that need to be sealed. You can use roof sealant or caulk to make this repair.

5. Caulking Gun

You guessed it; you’ll also need a caulking gun. Caulking guns are handy tools that help you easily open and apply any caulking or sealant.

6. Work Boots

We recommend a sturdy shoe or work boot with plenty of traction to help ensure you can navigate easily.

7. Hammer

A standard claw hammer will do the trick here. Occasionally, you’ll run across a nail on the gutter or roof that needs to be hammered in.

8. Moss Killer

You’ll need to treat your roof for moss every few years. To remove moss from your roof, it’s important to not damage any shingles. We recommend you gently remove the moss using baking soda, powdered laundry detergent, or Moss Out for Roofs and then use a leaf blower to push away any debris.

Finish by applying a Zinc treatment to your roof to kill any moss that may remain, and to help keep future growth at bay. Zinc is safe, and it won’t harm your pets, children, or your lawn.

9. Leaf Blower

This would fall in the “want” category, as opposed to “necessary”, but leaf blowers sure are handy. If the debris in your gutters is minimal and dry, a leaf blower makes the job much easier. They are also good for blowing off dead moss.

10. Broom and Rake

We like to see a clean worksite, and that’s why a broom and rake are must-haves. These come in handy for cleaning up moss and debris that have fallen from your roof while cleaning.

Remember, if roof maintenance is too much for you, we can recommend companies that help clean roofs. Give us a call if you’d like some recommendations.

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