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Small Steps to Make your Roof Eco-Friendly

Homes in Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Gig Harbor, and Tacoma can easily incorporate steps to make their home’s roof more eco-friendly. But first, let’s clarify what it means to be eco-friendly. To put it simply, something is eco-friendly it’s not harmful to the surrounding environment. This is often confused with “sustainable,” which means the raw materials are sourced without doing permanent damage to the environment.

Now that we have the technicalities out of the way, let’s talk about a few ways your roof can be more eco-friendly.

Option #1: Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are water tanks that collect and store rainwater. They attach to your home’s gutter system and help capture stormwater. Rain barrels play a critical role in helping to reduce the amount of pollution that goes into our waterways. Homeowners can use this water for landscaping or other building-related needs, which help to reduce their water bill.

Option #2: Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way to use your roof to make your home more sustainable. They provide clean energy generated by the sun and help power your home. Any additional power will go going back into the grid and can result in a credit on your power bill.

If you’re considering solar panels, check out a recent post that goes into detail about what to consider before you commit. You can find it here.

Option 3: Maintenance

One of the best ways to make your roof sustainable is to make it last longer. Keeping it in good shape will help keep your roof out of the landfill a little longer. And when it does come time to replace the roof, consider opting for a sustainable material like metal or wood.

Option 4: Light Pipes

Heard of skylights? Well, light pipes are a similar concept. The fixtures funnel sunlight from large plastic bubbles on the roof and channel it through highly reflective, broad pipes into your home. They can provide enough light during daylight hours that you can turn off your traditional artificial lights during most days. When it’s cloudy, some models incorporate fluorescent bulbs that kick in when the sun decides to stay behind the clouds.

Option 5: Wind

Wind turbines are starting to become more and more popular with residential homeowners. There are a few specifics you'll need to iron out before you get started. Learn more here.

Certain wind turbines can serve a dual purpose – helping to improve attic ventilation and helping to reduce energy costs. These turbines are a good alternative to standard ridge vents and other ventilation systems that draw hot and humid air out of the attic. If it’s windy where you live, a wind turbine will provide much better cooling than a traditional vent.

If you are considering any of these options, you will want a quality contractor on your side. Contact us today to talk through your options.

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