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What Does Poor Ventilation do to Your Roof?

Poor ventilation can cause a myriad of troubles when it comes to the roof of your home in Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Silverdale, and Port Orchard. Improper ventilation might not seem like an issue, but it can lead to expensive repairs, and higher than necessary utility bills.

If you want to better understand why ventilation is so important, check out a recent blog post here. Let’s learn more about how poor ventilation affects your roof.

Roof Rot

When your roof isn’t ventilated, it means you aren’t allowing air to flow correctly. And when airflow isn’t moving like it should you get a build-up of excess moisture. And excessive moisture will cause your entire roofing system to deteriorate. This includes the decking and supports to the underlayment and shingles. It’s not a good situation.


If you have a metal roof, poor ventilation is an issue, but we are mostly concerned with the interior of the home. Moisture caused by condensation on the inside of the attic can cause plumbing, heating, and venting duct straps to rust and break.

Your AC Works Harder

A lot of folks don’t connect the condition of their A/C with the health of their roof, but if you don’t have proper roof ventilation in place, you will likely overwork your air conditioner.

On hot summer days when all the hot air is trapped inside and can’t exit properly, your A/C has to work in overdrive to keep the house cool. This puts stress on your HVAC system and can shorten the lifespan of the unit.

Hot or Cold Areas in The House

Another sign of poor roof ventilation can be found with a noticeable increase in temperature when you walk up the stairs or move from room to room. Extremely hot or cold areas in the home are another sign that your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems are not keeping up with the demand and that ventilation is an issue.

Roof Leaks, Mold & Mildew

When you ignore all the signs above, the problem only escalates. If you forgo fixes early on, it will likely lead to serious problems for your home and your health. When your roof is exposed to water damage over time, or suffered major destruction from a bad storm, this can cause roof leaks. If these are not treated right away, the excess water in the home could create additional problems like mold, mildew, and more.

Don’t let ventilation become an issue for you. If you think you might have a problem, give us a call today, We are happy to help!

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