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Buying a Home? Roof Tips you Should Know

It's spring in the Pacific Northwest, and you know what that means – home buying season. If you’re looking to buy a home in Tacoma, Gig Harbor, or Port Orchard, you need to consider the condition of the home’s roof before you buy. You can (and should) look around for yourself, and if you need additional support, give us a call!

What to Look for Outside

When you complete a visual inspection of your roof, pay attention to the following:

1. Any damage or signs of age: This includes missing or worn shingles and are easily spotted from the ground. Worn shingles are also a good indication that the roof is not in the best shape.

2. Anything left sitting on the roof: When wet moss, leaves or tree branches left sitting on a roof act just like a wet sponge and are notorious for causing leaks and water damage. Likely the homeowner has removed these, so ask them for the dates of the last three moss removal treatments. This will help give you better understand how well the roof has been maintained.

3. The gutters: Your gutters are an important part of the roof. Make sure they are clean so then can quickly and easily help move water off your roof.

4. Any areas of penetration: Chimneys, exhaust vents, and skylights are common areas where flashing sometimes fails, so look at these areas to make sure they are sealed properly.

What to Look for Inside

As you are looking around inside the home, make sure you’re looking for the following:

1. Signs of Water Damage or Mold: Look for bubbles or cracks in the ceilings or walls

2. Get in the Attic: If you can get into the attic and take a look. Attics have a hard time hiding the smell of mold and signs of leaks, so this is a good indication of the health of your roof.

Get Professional Roof Inspection

If you think there is something you may have missed, we strongly urge you to get a professional roof inspection. We offer complimentary inspections, which are done by our owner. We will identify what you may have missed and can provide an initial estimate for repairs or for an entirely new roof.

Buying a home is exciting, and we want you to feel prepared. As your go-to roofing contractor, we aren’t simply looking for the next job, we are looking to be your partner. When you call us, our owner, Jim, personally provides all inspections and consultations himself. He knows the importance of trust and reliability and ensures all our clients get exactly what they need.

So, call us today! We can’t wait to see your new house!

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