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Five Reasons Fall is a Good Time to Get a New Roof

When getting ready to re-roof your home in Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, or Tacoma you might naturally think that spring and summer are the best times to get a new roof. And while these are fine times to get a new roof, you shouldn’t overlook the fall.

The fall offers great weather and plenty of benefits. Let’s learn more.

The Weather

In the fall, especially the early fall, weather conditions are perfect for roofing. The cooler fall temperatures make work more comfortable (and safe!) for the professionals installing or repairing your roof.

These same temps make it much easier for roofers to handle and install the shingles. When shingles get too cold, they can become brittle and easy to break, and if they become too warm, roofing materials become difficult to handle.

Protects Your Home Ahead of Winter

Winter can be tough on an older, more vulnerable roof, and freezing temps and constant rain leave your home susceptible to leaks. The best way to keep your home dry and warm through the winter is to get your roof installed in the fall, before the bad weather hits. The last thing you want is for your roof to develop a leak midway through the winter.


Because so many homeowners think to get a new roof in the spring and summer, our schedules fill up quickly during these months. With our backlog worked through we welcome the ease of scheduling your roof in the fall.

Proper Sealing

By getting the work done in the fall, your new shingles will have enough time to adequately bond to the roof before wet winter weather arrives. This helps them better insulate your home from cold temperatures, and ensure the weather stays outside.

You’ll Save on Winter Heating

New roofing materials are most certainly more energy efficient than your older roof. That means your home will be better insulated and protected as you head into the cooler winter months.

If you’re ready to get the process started, give us a call today.

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