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Tip Tuesday – Check your Shingles!

Updated: May 18, 2020

It’s time for another #TipTuesday! Today, we will focus on how you should check your roof’s shingles. Your shingles help keep the weather outside and deserve some time and attention every three to four months.

Here’s a simple checklist:

1. Flashing: Okay, not specifically the shingles, but you need to check for any cracked caulk or rust spots on your flashing. Forgot what flashing is? Check out or roof terms blog.

2. Check for shingles that are curling or otherwise misshapen.

3. Check for any broken or missing shingles.

4. Mitigate your moss! Moss, if left for prolonged periods of time, acts like a sponge that is just holding water on your shingles. Do them a favor and get rid of any moss on your roof.

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