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Top Roof Woes in the Pacific Northwest

Our cold and rainy weather in the Pacific Northwest is loved by many, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t cause potential issues with the roof of your home in Gig Harbor, Tacoma, or Port Orchard.

Here are the most common roof issues you will likely encounter.

1. Debris

The rain and wind cause your roof to collect plenty of debris, especially over the fall and winter months. The biggest culprits are moss, and gutters full of pine needles and leaves.

Moss can be especially troublesome. Moss acts just like a sponge, and when it gets wet it holds the water on your shingles. If left long enough, that water will seep through the shingle and to the underlayment.

Debris in your gutters is also problematic. Your gutters are meant to move water away from your roof and your home’s foundation, so you want the, to remain clean and clear so they can do their job.

2. Leaks

With rain comes the potential for leaks. And when the leak is visible in the home, it’s a sign that you need to take immediate action. These leaks can cause moisture and mold to grow in not just the attic, but your walls and living spaces.

Leaks are caused by several problems including:

· Missing or damaged shingles

· Improper flashing installation

· Skylights

· Chimneys

· Vent Pipes

Regardless of the culprit, it’s best to call a professional roofer to help you determine the source of your leak, and it’s the right approach to fixing the issue. This is a part of the process that we know is stressful for you, and that is why we offer a free inspection with our estimates. Learn more about our services here.

3. Storm Damage

Pacific Northwest windstorms can be strong and persistent, and these storms often toss large tree branches on roofs. This can puncture your roof, or severely damage your shingles.

After a storm, once the weather has cleared and it’s safe to access your roof, we recommend you take some time to complete a visual inspection of your roof. If you have a large branch on your roof that has caused damage and you are planning on making a claim to insurance, we recommend that you leave the branch and allow the assessor the see the damage. Once their review is done, you can remove the branch if it’s safe to do so.

When you encounter these issues, it’s best to call a contractor. Give us a call, and we can help you tackle these problems.

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