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When it Comes to your Roof, Why Should you Care About your Chimney?

Fireplaces add so much charm, comfort, and coziness to your home. Chimneys are a crucial component of the fireplace providing a passage for noxious gasses that are produced when you have a fire in the fireplace.

If your home in Gig Harbor, Tacoma, or Port Orchard has a fireplace and chimney, we want you to understand how your chimney and roof work together so you can best protect your home.

Common Problems

One of the most common problems homeowners have with their chimneys is that they cause leaks. This is often caused by inadequate or improperly installed flashing. Flashing is the metal piece that joins the chimney stack and roof together. When there are issues with the flashing, you will likely have to deal with water leaks.

Chimneys can also cause roof leaks. Because chimneys are constructed in a way that can allow the crevices to fill with water, which then seeps through to your home.

Preventing Leaks

If you think you have leaks caused by your chimney, here’s where you should look.


The flashing is susceptible to leaks. Flashing is a piece of metal used to prevent water from seeping into areas of the roof where there is an interruption with the roofing materials, like chimneys, vent pipes, or the perimeter of the roof. Flashing prevents leaks and protects the deck (the first layer of roofing) and underlayment.

You should inspect your home's flashing regularly because strong winds and rain can weaken it creating a gap for water to leak onto the inner structure. You should inspect your flashing at least once a year to check for any damage, If you find any damage, seal it right away.

Bricks and Mortar

The brick and mortar of the chimney itself are also susceptible to leaks. What causes breakdown is the continued exposure to heat and cold, which weakens the two and can cause cracks.

These cracks then allow water to seep through, causing water damage.

The best way to avoid any problems is to have your chimney inspected regularly. You can do this yourself or hire a professional. Just make sure both the inner and outer parts of the entire smokestack are inspected because cracks can appear on both sides. If you do find cracks, we recommend a cement filler to prevent leaks.


The crown is the covering over the chimney opening that keeps rain and snow from entering the fireplace. It is important to make sure that the crown is properly installed and is doing its job correctly. If it’s cracked or missing it can cause serious leaks. It also important because it prevents outside animals like birds or rodents, from coming into your home.

Your roof and chimney work together to keep your home safe, and warm. If you think you have issues with your chimney and need a professional, give us a call today. We would be happy to help.

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